PARAGON Resource Group Inc.





"Designing the Financial Blueprint for your Success"

What you can Expect

When working with Paragon you can always expect fast, reliable, and professional service!

In order to get a formal proposal including specific rates etc. we will need to collect a standard package of information including the following:

·         Copies of the Company’s Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws

·         Copies of Current Financial Statements; and prior two years if available.

·         Copy of current schedule of Aged Accounts Receivable

·         Copy of current schedule of Aged Accounts Payable

·         Copies of  prior two years’  Company  Federal Tax Returns

·         Details of Shareholding / Ownership

·         Statements of Personal Net Worth for Guarantor/s

·         Application Form

·         Brief bio’s for each of the founders/owners

·         A brief history of the Company’s operations; together with samples of marketing materials if applicable

·         Copies of any special Terms of Sale with major Customers


Once we receive the information listed above we will turn around a proposal within 24-36 hours. 

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