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"Designing the Financial Blueprint for your Success"

About US

Paragon was founded Cliff and Brett Horwitz. 

Cliff is the quintessential entrepreneur having founded and operated many of his own businesses, and having also managed several others across a wide range of industries including Finance, Franchising, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Healthcare, and Technology.

Brett started his career working for a small start-up technology company and remained with the company over a 10 year period; including it’s IPO and ultimate acquisition by one of it’s competitors. 

As such, Paragon was founded by practical and experienced business people who truly share the entrepreneurial spirit and mindset of business owners and operators.  We understand the real world business problems that arise during the day to day operations of any company and the various needs and sources of working capital available at the different stages throughout the lifecycle of a company.  We are not bankers!  Accordingly, we look beyond your company’s financial statements to understand the specific challenges facing your business so that we can structure and build the most suitable financing solution to address both your short and long term goals. 

Paragon prides itself on coming up with creative solutions to work within our extensive network of relationships and to obtain the most suitable and cost effective financing facility to meet each clients specific needs.  Given our knowledge of the world of Trade Finance and our relationships with key lenders, we are able to place transactions quickly and efficiently where others might fail.  Our close working relationship with lenders and other sources of funding; and our proven track record, assures responsiveness and a high probability of successfully identifying a funding source for each transaction.

In today’s changing economic environment, it is our job to stay current on the trends and appetites of a variety of lending institutions so that we can best match each borrower with the ideal funding source to fit their individual needs.    Paragon’s role  is  to be your partner in a time of need – and as an ongoing resource!

Given the breadth of our real world business experience, Paragon is well equipped to help you make important decisions regarding your financial alternatives and can provide guidance whether you are in growth mode or facing a turnaround situation.  Best of all, we do not charge you anything at all.  Paragon is compensated entirely by the lending institutions’ we work with only once your deal is completed and funded! 

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