PARAGON Resource Group Inc.





"Designing the Financial Blueprint for your Success"


Paragon Resource Group specializes in providing financing for manufacturers, wholesalers, and service companies across all industries.

Typically, our clients are either too newly formed to qualify for traditional banking lines of credit, or they are growing too fast and not getting sufficient working capital from their existing credit lines to expand their business, or they are in turnaround/restructuring mode and in need of creative solutions to finance their ongoing operations. 

It is important to note that Paragon was founded by entrepreneurs who have started and run their own businesses.  Accordingly, we understand the challenges that a growing business faces and the various sources of working capital available at different stages throughout the lifecycle of a company.  As a result, we approach each client not with the mentality of a traditional banker, instead, Paragon prides itself on coming up with creative solutions to work within our extensive network of relationships to obtain the most suitable and cost effective financing facility to meet each clients specific needs. 

Given our knowledge of the debt and Equity space and relationships with key lenders/investors we are able to get deals done quickly and efficiently where others might fail.  Our close working relationship with lenders results in them being extremely responsive to our requests as they thrive on the deals we introduce to them and we have built a mutual respect given the volume of business we have transacted together.

In today’s changing economic environment, it is our job to stay up to date on the appetites of different lending institutions so that we can best match each borrower with the ideal lending source to fit their individual needs.  The landscape is changing daily and therefore it is impossible for the average business owner to stay up to date with these trends and there is no need to as your focus should be on running your business!  Paragon is here to help and be your partner in a time of need.

Given the breadth of our real world business experience, Paragon is well equipped to help you make important decisions regarding your financial alternatives and can provide turnaround consulting advice and best of all we do not charge you anything at all.  Paragon is compensated entirely by the lending institutions’ only once your deal is completed and closed.  

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